2nd pair handspun socks

Finished the second pair of handspun socks, thought I might run short of the variegated reds I used for the main color, but looking for something else found another skein, relief.

Next as promised will be the socks for Kristie, wound all skeins into center pull balls Sunday morning and will get started on the socks later today. Lots of Hazel Knits, Cascade Heritage wool-silk mixes, and bonus will have enuff leftover for another project down the road.

Visiting fox has been back several times, tracks all over my yard, altho some I am sure are deer and maybe even a moose or two. Would like to get a pix of fox jumping in the air trying to get a mouse under the snow, when this has happened its been around 7:30am not light enuff for anything to show up.

Cold snap continues predicted low for tonight is -30° C (22°F below zero), not looking like KB will be happening. Current temp is -23°C (-10°F), supposed to be getting back to normal temps by early next week (ain't gonna hold my breath). Called propane place in Wms Lk and asked for delivery next time they are out this way.


  1. Gorgeous socks, charming fox. Stay warm!

  2. Beautiful socks as always!! Love your fox, I love going out and checking out the footprints in the new snow, was happy to see our fox back, we used to have a family of them but only have had a single the last year, thought he was not around but see where he crawls under the fence into the llama pasture and hunts mice....said to husband......it is so cold maybe I should get some dry dog food to put out for him...guess I won't be doing that....as far as he knows...stay warm!

  3. Lovely pictures! Last fox I saw around here(Louisiana)was 1998, on our daughter's college campus. I'm sure the woods host more, though. Yesterday as I looked out on the lake I hoped to see our single egret.Instead, there were FIVE egrets roosting in the scrub trees on the far shore. What a treat!

  4. The handspun socks are great! That was lucky, finding that extra yarn so you could finish them. Nothing worse than a losing game of yarn chicken. I love the colours of the yarn for my socks. :-)

    Stay warm. It's -10 here this morning at Cultus. Not quite the extreme cold you are having, but very cold for here.

  5. Nice to check in with you Lynne. Love the colours you have for Kristie's socks. Excited to see how they will turn out. Stay well and warm....


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