Weather finally moderated around December 19, back to what we call normal winter temps. Just got used to the "warmer stuff" and see forecast is for another round of -20's C (predicted lows of -9°F) by Sunday. Still have 50% in my propane tanks so sometime after New Years fussing and parties are over will call and see when truck is headed out west. Woke up this morning to flurries, the new F word, coming sideways from the south, strong winds are also in the forecast so might get another round of drifting snow. I got to Tatla yesterday for the first time in a month, blood letting at the clinic, then on to Knitting Bee, library on the way home. First is was because of cold then with my left knee sore from a stupidio fall thought it best to stay home and keep warm heating pad on same.

Have the turkey breast to go into soup pot tomorrow for sure, so will have soup for weekend football and world junior hockey games, nothing (except my micro rice bag) warms me up as well as soup. And turkey soup is the main reason I bother with cooking the breast.

Did finish the leftover greens with the bits of kid mohair, looking forward to plying it with the first bobbin of same green mix. Will eventually be put into another pair of handspun socks for me. Right now have the second sock of current handspun nearly halfway down the foot, between football bowl games and world junior hockey games should finish it yet today. Then another pair of handspun Monsters socks nearly to the heel on first sock. Once all the handspun stuff is finished will get socks for KH started.

And lastly finally got a pix of the fox, trotting along on car tracks on driveway, over by where my old gas tanks used to be.


  1. Your fox looks larger than our California foxes. It looks like the size of a coyote. Your spinning is wonderful.

  2. Have a wonderful New Year's weekend, enjoying your knitting and turkey soup!

  3. Seasons Greetings Lynne. Here's to more spinning and knitting in 2017.

  4. Sorry to hear about your fall but glad to hear that you got of the house finally . Looks like we are also in for another cold spell down this way South in the beginning of the New Year so far though the snow has stayed up in the mountains . Your green multi yarn looks beautiful can't wait to see it plied up and off the bobbins. We are getting ready for the big St Distaff's do at the Monroe Fairgrounds this
    year. Have a wonderful New Year and enjoy the soup and Football!

  5. It's supposed to get cold here again too, but nowhere near as cold as your forecast. Great picture of the fox!

  6. Sounds like a fun weekend! Love the yarn and fox pictures. Our weather is a bit different here in central Florida and I miss the snow of my childhood in northern Maine. I don't miss walking to school in wind chills of -10F though!


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