Still cold

Cold dropped into the valley on December 6 and hasn't let up since, coldest I've recorded was last night at -28°C (18° below zero F), now see that 2 more days of cold stuff then it is supposed to warm up a bit. Sundays high predicted to be -6°C (21°F), much better than 21 below zero.

Over the summer and fall I made socks for Liz, M and N, pix with socks on feet with M wearing one each of the variegated red ones. Traded socks for home canned goodies, with my favorite being stewed tomatoes, never will buy store canned tomatoes again. 2nd pix is the second pair for N, he grew so much from Sept that first batch won't fit anymore, so this pair (and one already delivered) are 8 rows longer in the foot.

The first bobbin of the leftovers is finished and have a nice start on bobbin #2, my idea of adding a bit of kid mohair in brighter colors isn't working out as well as I thought it might, will carry on a bit more to see if my fingers can work out the troubles.

Have a visiting fox, pretty little thing. Had some leftover bits of fat from a roast, threw it out onto driveway for the ravens but fox was there within minutes and ate everything. So far it hasn't shown up for a pix either not enuff light or to far away to show anything up.

No knitting bee again yesterday to cold for starting car, next Wednesday is supposed to be much warmer so will try for it then, need to get to clinic for blood letting, its will be 4 weeks next Wednesday. Staying on same dosage of meds, and not eating anything that might change blood count, so keeping fingers crossed that its staying where it should be.

Will get last turkey breast out of the freezer on 22nd, cooking it for Christmas day, have local potatoes and hoping to find carrots someplace close for carrot salad. Last years turkey was chucked out for the birds, coyotes and whatever else came by. I had C day meal and a sandwich the next day and then morning of 27 flew out to Kamloops Royal Inland hosp. for an extended visit. So looking forward to better days this holiday season.


  1. Wishing you a happy, healthy, warmish holiday full of turkey soup, bowl games, and satisfying needlework.


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