Woke up this morning to snow, first of this season. According to Environment Canada's weather page for Tatlako its not supposed to amount to much.

Sahnte and Jeannie came for a visit on Friday (11th) and were able to remove the wind damaged screen door, its now safely inside the mud room. Had hoped that it would be re usable but now that I can see it close up there are several paces where the metal is twisted. So next trip to town (soon) will have to buy a new door and while I'm at it will replace old storm door as well, current edition is over 40 years old and glass is loose in frame. Have silicon-ed it but didn't work very well.

Finished spinning the last of the BFL-Silk mix and have first two bobbins plied. Its much redder than pix. Have the other two bobbins of the mix ready to ply. Ended up plying the BFL mix with some Merino-Nylon, came out way better than I thought it would.

Next batch of spinning is Merino-Nylon in variegated greens from Mary-Anne Smith (Smith & Ewe in Kamloops, BC), there is a good bit of either a real dark brown or dark green, (light not good enuff to tell the difference). Spinning is easy on this batch, as of right now have no idea what it will be, just yarn for the stash. Seems as tho I spin it faster than I can knit it. However its very comforting to know that I will never run out of handspun to knit with.

INR blood work tomorrow in Tatla, its been 3 weeks so it time to have it checked, at least arm bruising is just about gone. Last 3-4 times it was done its remained in the good range, thus every 3 weeks.


  1. Your spinning is beautiful, as always. That red is very bright and cheerful. We have a tiny bit of snow at the tops of the mountains here today, the first of the season.

  2. Sorry about your door, but glad it didn't take out a window! Love the spinning! Here in Florida we are finally having fall. I do miss the snow of Northern Maine during my childhood.

  3. So sorry to hear about your door but really glad there was not a lot of damage , I just spent the last few day cleaning out my spinning room and weaving room and am now in the process of getting a warp on my loom. Looking to start on dishtowels first to put this loom through its paces and get to know each other. That yarn is looking great , can't wait to see what it grows up to be. No snow yet down here but lots of rain and wind , Today we had a little bit of sunshine but not sure how long its going to last.


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