Big wind storm

Had a violent wind storm Thursday night, gusts up to 75 km, power went out just after 9 pm and didn't come back on until Friday morning 9:30 am, then went out again 2 ish and was out again for 3-4 hours. Strongest wind I can remember since living in Tatlako. Even blew my back screen door out of the frame, including pieces of wood from the door frame. Mell of a hess.

Next will be the problem of trying to find someone to see if door is salvageable and to get it un-wedged from porch railing its in so tight that I can't budge it. My biggest fear thru all the wind was a stick or branch crashing into a window, having already lost one of the big windows on south side of house (was a grouse I think) wasn't wanting to wait 9 mos to have any glass replaced. The joys of living alone in the middle and behinder of nowhere. Weather is really wonky, no snow (none), warmish temps tomorrow is supposed to be in mid 50's F, way to warm for this time of the year.

Still spinning the rest of the BFL-Silk mix, probably over half way. Just about decided to ply if with the Merino-Nylon mix from Smith & Ewe, Should be perfect sock weight yarn once that part of the job is finished.


  1. We were spared the big winds in NW Washington, but our rain amounts have been unbelievable. I hope you can find someone to help with the broken door-no fun to have to crawl around.

  2. Good Grief! I did not think you had that strong of winds where you live, we get them pretty bad here from the west and warm weather in November usually brings far so good....we have had winds lately but nothing destructive yet. Take care....

  3. Definitely strange weather for your neck of the woods. I'm glad you didn't lose another window! Hopefully you can find someone to fix that screen door. That must have been quite the wind storm!

  4. Holey Cow!!! Hope you can get that screen door fixed soon, good thing it wasn't a window.

  5. You must have thought you were in "lift-off"!!! Must have been terrifying., especially as you heard the door give way. Hope you can get your door fixed - sometime.


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