Got home from the OFFF trip on the 28th September with a bad cold and a 20 lb. bag of organic field tomatoes. Cold was a humdinger think maybe one of the worst I've had. Just a bit of a lingering cough is left, glad to see it gone. Ate 1 tomatoes with cottage cheese for several lunches and suppers while feeling punk.

OFFF was as usual one of the highlites of my traveling summer, the weather was perfect, company outstanding. Vendors plentiful, and crowds were huge, could barely walk in main bldg. Didn't buy much just 8oz of a dye job gone wrong from DiCentra, 2 bobbins for my Woolee Winder and some of my favorite Lo Lo Bars. Picked up friend Val in Seattle area and she went down with me, was great that she was able to unload car. Looked for one of the folding wagons at Costco while in Canby area, no luck there or Fred Meyers or Walmart on the way home, Val will check for me in Seattle area and if one is found will bring with her to Whidbey Island in the spring.

Val spinning and the spinning area before it got crowded.

Next trip out will be to Desert Mesa this weekend, have spinning wheel in the car, just my knitting bag, suitcase and bag of goodies to go out when I leave. Will take 3-4 tomatoes with me for toast & tomatoes for breakfast while there.

On the way to Tatla I pass by wild mullein, this one plant must be well over 8 feet tall, certainly one of the largest I've ever seen.

Next is the fiber I was spinning at OFFF and will finish up at Desert Mesa, merino-nylon from Mary-Anne Smith in Kamloops, BC. Vintage stuff from my stash.

Mountains have new snow about halfway down, temps for tonight are forecast to be -10 (14°F). Right now high for the day in the valley is only +3 (37°F). I will be getting my winter tires on first thing in Williams Lake on Wednesday, its time, and they are mandatory for highway travel right now.


  1. Sorry to hear you picked up that nasty cold while on your travels, but glad you had such a great time at OFFF. It definitely sounds like it's time to get those snow tires on.

  2. I was starting to worry about you. I'm glad you posted and that you are enjoying life.

  3. I'm so glad you have gotten better from that horrible cold!


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