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Having had more company in last few days than I usually get in a couple of months put me behind on my TdF spinning projects, while I was glad to have friends stop in and visit.

First last Saturday Len & Denise here most of the day, Len cutting lots of hay type grasses in various place, then Dee and her 87 yr (almost blind) Mom came to rake cut stuff in piles to haul home on her trailer for horses, Dee thought there might be equivalent of 4 or 5 bales about 200+ lbs.

Then yesterday Liz her friend Judy, Nolan (to pull toad flax weeds) and Maela were here, Nolan got in 2 hours before he ran out of power, maybe pulled 20% or so. But did get pix of Maela with her back to school socks and Nolan seemed happy with the heavier weight ones I did for him, no pix tho after pulling weeds for 2 hours his feet were not very clean for trying on the sox.

On Saturday I did get some merino-silk plied, bought it at Fiber Fusion last fall, plying the old fashioned way worked out better than I thought it would.

In bits & bobs I did get the roving from DiCenta finished, will go into the plying queue. Today I had hoped to start plying the wool-silk mix from West Coast Colour & Carding, not much chance of that today. Have to go to Tatla for INR blood letting, still trying to stabilize the count.

Now spinning a vintage white wool-mohair mix, had it carded at Miocene way back in 1994, other than lots of vm its still really easy to spin.


  1. You've been busy! Those back to school socks are very cute. I'm sure they will get lots of wear. With this cool weather they could probably be worn right now., never mind waiting until school starts in September :-)

  2. You have been busy, love the socks and I think she does too!!

  3. It's good to have visitors every once in awhile.


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