TdF and town

Went into town Sunday morning for an appointment with allergist at hospital for 1 pm, scratch test on arm showed that I am allergic to dust, mold and grass, none of which I eat or play around with. Food stuff that I thought might be the culprit for my allergies wasn't even tested for, so IMO a completely wasted trip except for finding a 510 gram container of blueberries for $1.99 bought two. Had yogurt and bb for supper last night. Got home 3 ish, unloaded perishables from car and by that time was hot & sweaty, even thought about a quick sit down in the river but fresh bear poop on driveway soon changed my mind. Sat down in recliner just after 5 and next thing I knew it was just after 8, so got my shower and was in for the night by 8:30, slept right thru until 6 am. All the driving in the heat and then 5 + trips from the car with groceries must have done me in.

I came really close to meeting my TdF goals, if I hadn't gone to town would have finished the last of the wild braid of BFL. And I finally figured out how to ply without my electric wheel, not perfect for sure but better than first attempt.

Denise gave me a big bag of freshly picked lettuce from her garden, will have my traditional big salad tonight along with some cold chicken, bought cukes, cilantro, tomatoes, celery all will go nicely into my salad. And now that summer had dropped next couple of days will be in low 80's will eat lots of cold meals. Even bought a pkg. of European wieners easy to grill for another quick meal, my annual treat.


  1. Hello Lynne - Summer is rushing past. August is here and it definitely feels different. Friends from Dublin visited Seattle and included us in their site/sight seeing. Great fun. They were in Victoria for Canada Day. Raved about the Buchart Gardens. I hope to visit those gardens later this month. Keep spinning and knitting. Janet


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