Soup weather again

Just put leftover frozen chicken carcass in soup pot along with a smallish frozen half chicken breast. Once its boiled for awhile will add carrots, celery and a bit of onion. On this cold rainy day soup sounded verra comforting, its 11°C (51° F) and spitting rain, even had the electric heat on this morning.

Tour de Fleece got started with the bike racers Saturday morning and so far finished most of a bobbin of the very light gray BFL-Silk and then the first bundle of the very colourful roving (also BFL-Silk from West Coast Carding). Broke roving into about 2 feet pieces then separated each into maybe 8 more, wanting lots of barber poling once I start plying, aiming for bugly yarn. First 120 grams is finished and have started on 2nd bundle, with slightly different colours, very few places should colours over lap when plying. Plans are to maybe add some of it to the stash for upcoming sleeve to sleeve sweater and socks for me for the rest of what we call summer in the mountains of BC. Wearing wool socks every day yet.

This was from yesterday.

Today's progress is maybe 1/4 of the next bobbin. Once the belts for my electric wheel arrive (coming on a slow cruise ship via the Panama Canal) I will ply these two bobbins first to see if I got the bugly yarn I was thinking of.

Was supposed to go out to clinic in Tatla for more blood letting but just don't feel like the 40 mile round trip over the ruff gravel roads especially since I want to go to knitting bee tomorrow over same ruff roads, one trip a week is enuff. Can donate blood tomorrow and it can be frozen to then go out on east bound truck on Thursday.

No critters in my yard since I came home except for deer, don't hardly count them any more since I see so many.


  1. We've had soup weather here too, and looking at the forecast for the next week there's more of the same ahead of us. It was 10 when I got up this morning. What a change from last July!

  2. Everything sounds good on your end. Please keep getting the medical care you need. If you're anything like me, once you start feeling better You slack off. Please don't be like me!


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