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third pair of socks for Miss M, made them the same size as one of the pair she tried on while here, a bit of grow room at the toe. She promised me that she would only wear them to school on cold days this winter. Plans are to make one more pair out of somesort of handspun for colder days. Have some soft light gray that with pink & purple patterns would suit her just fine.

The BFL-Tussah silk came out just OK, am not very good at plying on a regular spinning wheel, much prefer my homemade electric wheel (just used for plying).

Today I am plying a so so white with a bobbin of also so so light gray, the white is vintage stuff from 1994 and certainly not next to skin type, same with the light gray but over a thin pair of cotton socks will make incredible socks for outdoor activities.

Next on the Tour de Fleece spinning is another that I am hoping for one of my uglier sock yarns, just perfect for winter socks for me. Its very difficult to predict what yarn will look like once plied.

Last blood letting at clinic in Tatla last Wednesday was within normal levels, now to figure out how that happened.


  1. When I end up with yarn that is underplied in areas I run it through the wheel again to add more ply in those areas. With me it happens when I get bored and try to rush the job. I never seem to learn.
    Love the socks. The purple and gree, not so much, but you'll make it work.

  2. I have a hard time plying my yarn with my reg spinning wheel too because a hip problem so I just run it through the wheel again, is so much easier to use the electric spinning wheel for plying. What a pain to not be able to use your electric wheel. Will be interesting to see how the purple and green roving spins up.


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