Celery, carrots and d-boned chicken in soup pot, will add rice closer to supper time. Perfect day for a pot of soup, 50° F and rain showers. Was cold enuff to briefly run electric heat for a while this morning. Low single digits over next week in early morning, with one day showing a frost warning.

Went out to knitting bee on Wednesday, Christine had her sweater done, quite a good job, all is my handspun.

Then had to go back to Tatla on Thursday for blood work, last week INR was 2.5 exacty where they want it to be, this Thurs. it was 5.6 way to high, so leaving off Warfarin yesterday and only taking a half dose today and for rest of the week until I go back next Thurs for more blood letting as per DR orders. Nurse Ruth warned me to call if I bleed anywhere, no sharp knives in my future. For all the INR problems I do feel good, usual amount of energy, spin lots in the morning, attending to house early afternoon (kitchen today and soup prep), then after supper while watching news bring out my knitting. Finished the big brothers socks (knit with two stands of fingering yarn), came out better than I thought they would. By and by will make another pair for him.

Not much else in my way to boring life. Thanks anyway will keep it.


  1. We have a June heat wave here in NC - 95F today and maybe 100F tomorrow. Wish I could send a little your way, or you could share some of your cool with us!

  2. Love the socks! We had it so hot and dry for so long, finally had some rain but with it has come wild wind! My poor flowers trying to survive!

  3. Love the thicker socks. I am knitting some for my son. Also knitting some dishcloths -like to knit them especially in the summer. Neat sweater from your handspun!

  4. Love the contrast sleeve caps on the hand spun sweater.

    Wish I had it here in Australia (New South Wales), where it was subzero overnight!

  5. I enjoy reading about your life in northern BC


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