Plied this yarn the old fashioned way, using surgically repaired right leg, and after winding it into skeins find I didn't do such a hot job, have lots to learn about manually plying. Keep hoping the belts I ordered will come, then can go back to using the homemade electric wheel, bobbin on it holds nearly two pound. These two skeins are just under 450 yards. Think maybe washing might help, if not can always use the yarn in mittens or hats, so not a complete waste.

Last black bear seen Tuesday the 14th, am sure more are around but unless I am in wool room I usually miss seeing them. This one is # 8 so far this season.

Have an appointment with my Williams Lake DR for Wednesday, trying to figure out why my INR results are all over the map, one time its 2.2 the next week it bounced up to 5.7. After seeing DR will pick up groceries and head west. Will be nice to have fresh produce again. Haven't been in a store since May 8th so needless to say am out of every thing.


  1. I think it's funny that you have such an aversion to plying! For me it's the treat after spending so much time spinning two bobbins full of singles. So fast and easy in comparison. However IMO your yarn probably could have used a little more plying twist. Though it's definitely going to look much better after washing and finishing. I always enjoy the transformation!


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