Macaroni Salad

Macaroni cooked, celery chopped, small pieces cheese ready, dressing made (plain yogurt, mayo and small amount sour cream, lots of dill. Now just waiting for eggs to cool so I can peel them and chop into salad. The first time this year for it, usually made over Mother Days weekend (my Mothers absolute favorite meal) but was away and then weeks got away from me. Will have enuff for many meals, am my Mothers daughter (like it pretty well myself).

Finished the two bobbins of the BFL-Silk mix will eventually be socks for me as well as a couple of other people. Then with what was left from the big all of roving spinning another bobbin of mix but much finer, should be fingering weight once plied. Got in 45 minutes early on the finer mix, try to spin as soon as my first cup of coffee is finished, so far so good. Then again after supper for close to another 45 m.

Yesterday morning Tatlako was the coldest spot in CANADA at 7 am, -2.9°C, lots of gardens hit with frost. And mountains all covered with new snow. Nimpo Lake and Anahim Lk even had snow on the ground. Welcome to Juneuary. And 5 days to summer solstice and days start getting shorter. Keeping wool socks on every morning.

A new follower, welcome.


  1. The silk is a dreamy color. Also gorgeous is Nimpo and Anahim Lake; I Googled them. Thank you for the wonderful reminder of macaroni salad; as I read the fixin's I could taste it. Guess what I"m making tomorrow :) I like some pickles in mine though; however will be adding cheese. We actually have around 50 for evening temp in Nor Cal with rain today!! I absolutely loved it.

  2. Hi Sock Lady, I started reading your blog not long ago and I like it very much. I know your area from many years ago when my maternal grandparents lived in Retallack, BC. I want to ask you how you came to live in that area by yourself? I am a soon to be 70 year old retired woman who has been knitting most of my life. I would like to get into spinning but am not sure if I can make much headway as a beginner at my age. I live in the Willamette Valley in the State of Oregon, a beautiful area. Looking forward to many more of your entries. I am starting with the year 2012 and reading forward so I can get some background and more knitting information. Best wishes, Connie

    1. If you contact me at socklady at lincsat dot com would be better to keep off the blog info


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