Good News

Lake City Glass was in yesterday to finally replace window that a grouse (I think) broke last September, window was low E glass two panes with argonne gas in between, so only the outside part of the window broke. $700 dollars later window is as good as new.

Finished the 4th bobbin of the variegated reds & pinks, Have enuff of the last braid to nearly fill bobbin #5. Waiting on the belts for my homemade electric spinning wheel that I ply with, once that pkg. arrives will quit spinning for a while and just ply, definitely not my favorite part of the job but situation is getting critical, if I am to have any empty bobbins for upcoming Tour de Fleece have to force myself to do it.

Another black bear last Saturday, 7am just wandering. Someone said all the sightings are prolly just the same bear, wait next one I see will run right out and ask if you have been in the yard 4 different times, of course this person has never seen a bear except maybe in a zoo.

Two pair of socks for M, have enuff of the red to make one more pair. Big brothers socks are two strands of fingering yarn held together, sturdy but still soft.

Knitting bee in Tatla tomorrow, will stop at the library on the way home, then back on Thursday for more blood letting, if numbers remain good should be OK to only go in once a month.


  1. Love the spun singles! Can't wait to see them plyed!

  2. Phew, about time on that window.
    Love the way the handspun is turning out.

  3. Brilliant pinks and reds. Your socks always make me smile, they look like jewels. And that I think it is 'bear friends'. Like the big yard, what a cool place to live (I guess literally sometimes eh).

  4. So funny about you "asking" the bear :) Love all your socks - especially the reds and pinks! Glad you are doing well and getting so much spinning done. Take care Lynne! Happy spinning, knitting and have a good summer!


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