Whidbey Island

Day 1 of the spinning weekend is over, after the featured speaker finished I split. Guess I was a bit tired, so headed back to motel for a quick 30. Two nights in a row now have just had yogurt for what passes for supper, just didn't feel like going back out and I never go out anywhere after dark. So me and puter along with the ever present knitting are hard at it. So far haven't bought anything, altho will tomorrow get a bright something for Denise.

Am amazed at how well I am feeling, a bit tired at the end of the day but think that happens at home as well. Friend Val wasn't able to come but Sue did and Terry N from Ellensburg, so had friends to sit with.

Tomorrows program is using the blending board, that's something I am just not interested in, the blending board I had I sold to Val (and guess she is going greats guns with it). Same gal that will talk about same is the one I took the class from at NwRSA conference last June, not terribly impressed with her as teacher so glad I won't get involved.

Cleaned out the bottom of my purse (was getting heavy) had been dropping in all my CA coins and what ever US I had accumulated, had nearly $30 in loose change no wonder it was heavy.


  1. Missed Whidbey again. Just didn't work out. Alas.

  2. Lynne, the bottom of your purse is better than a piggy-bank! Do something fun with your new-found wealth!


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