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Started yesterday with a couple of loads of laundry (and of course washed a Kleenex in first load, not yet making them any stronger), made a mell of a hess, then changed my bed to fresh flannel sheets, including a clean comforter cover (that takes me quite some time getting it on the comforter). After all that I started gathering up stuff to go to DM, found a bag with about 30 rows of doubled handspun on big needles, have no idea what it was planning on being, so ripped it all out, that also took lots of time. Not sure what I'll do with all the yarn, bigger balls I will keep and the smaller balls will find a new home.

Tammy sent pix of her wearing the socks, kind of a crap shoot when I make and mail socks to someone I don't know, ever so glad they fit and she liked them. Have only one more pair to do for KH down near Chillawack, then will be taking a sorta break on ordered socks. Will likely always have a pair on the needles but just doing what I want.


  1. Whenever I have to change my duvet cover it feels like I'm wrestling an octopus so brava to you. Isn't it nice to get photos of one's knitting in use?

  2. Those damned duvet covers!!! But, I still like them better than sheets & blankets, that's for sure.

  3. Love the socks!. Have been wearing them because spring can't make up her mind. So colorful and warm. (The socks not the weather). Teddy Bear-my best little buddy wanted to be in the pix with me. Love him bunches! He is so humble and sweet.


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