Spring Desert Mesa

Home Tuesday mid day from Desert Mesa in Cache Creek, BC. Had made arrangements for car unloader to come off the school bus, Lucas can unload car in just minutes, would have taken me a couple of days. Two flats bottled water (24 each) he can carry them both at the same time, I have trouble with just one.

Desert Mesa was as usual a good time, got nearly 4 bobbins filled, gave a bunch of stuff to Gudie to be upcycled, and took 9 full bobbins for her to wind off, stuff now I wonder why I even spun. But the empty bobbins are a treat. I was pleased to find the steps to be not a problem, had been concerned about going up after every meal, down was easy but up I thought might be sorta difficult, just went up a bit slower than usual. While I had been in the hospital was worried that I might never be able to go to DM again and only took one mid day nap.

3 of the Vancouver Island gals made a comfort shawl for Karen B (she lost her son in Sask. some time ago), someone likened the Van Is gals to 3 stooges with and extra Curly. Melody, Isabel and Toni did a nice job on Karen's shawl.

Then a pix of Karen, Gail and Dotty wearing their Amiga sweaters.

I bought 3 colors of BFL roving for the upcoming Tour de Fleece, plans are to finish all 3 batches during the tour. Plus am quite sure I can find more of needed.

Saw first bear of 2016 season, about an hour west of Williams Lake. Last year was the fewest I have seen in prolly the last 10 years, just one black, I know there were more about because of the skat they leave but only saw just the one. Since spring is about 3 weeks earlier than normal am sure they are out and about in my valley, just not wandering thru my place (yet).


  1. I'm glad you had a good time at Desert Mesa, and that those stairs didn't pose a problem. I really like the fibre you got, especially the one in the middle.

  2. I Google-earthed Desert Mesa - cool town. I'm glad the drive was nice and your friends got to spend time with you. Looking forward to seeing what the fibre turns into.


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