Woke this morning just after 4am to the sound of rain on my metal roof, glorious rain, much needed. Proceeded to rain most of the day, a gentle rain that hopefully soaked into the ground. And new snow on surrounding mountains. Tried to get a pix but clouds got in the way. Forecast is for below freezing temps for most of the next week, so may be able to get pix tomorrow. Clear today so got pix of new leaves and new snow on Niut Mountain, just a bit south of my place.

Finished the afterthought heels on latest Monstersocks, they'd been done for some time but kept putting off doing the heels. Thought I had counted rows carefully enuff that they would fit me when finished, no way, closer to a size 9.5 than the 7.5 I wanted, even used row count from an older pair. Didn't work this time. with arthritis in my hands rearing its ugly head sock making is much slower than usual. So far hands seem to be OK with spinning. Maybe when I start on the sleeve to sleeve sweater I'll be using a much larger needle so that might help. Still doing exercises daily for hands.


  1. The socks are wonderful as always, Lynne. I'm sorry they didn't end up fitting you though. We went from 30 degrees last week to a high of 9 yesterday, along with a skiff of snow in our mountain tops. Crazy weather!

  2. I have arthritis in my hands also. I haven't been given any exercises - am wondering what exercises you do.

  3. Beautiful socks as always! I have to be careful with my hands, if I weed or clean or heavy ironing - then I have to be careful with knitting. Sigh...age. That pix is beautiful.


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