Goodies found

Looking in my largest Rubbermaid container for a long missed braid of variegated green instead found 4 braids of a variegated red Falkland, nearly 32 oz, got it out and started spinning it, and its loverly, like the way it spins and the color, (also found the braid of the green that I started out looking for).

Will try and spin a couple of hours in maybe 30 minute sessions to get fingers ready for upcoming Tour de Fleece. I really don't need anymore handspun yarn but the spinning is my favorite part, plying not so much and of course I do enjoy knitting with my own handspun.

Can't seem to get my INR (Warfarin blood stuff) stable, running now at 1.5 should be higher between 2 and 3, reducing the risk of more blood clots. Guess I'll have to seriously reduce green stuff (high in Vitamin K), cutting back on salads will be the hardest thing.

Yesterday Tatlayoko was coldest spot in BC, -4.4°C, this is of course is only at places with environment Canada weather stations, because I am quite a distance from the weather station in the valley I was at -5°C. Cold for the end of April.

As I was about to leave for knitting bee on Wednesday 9:15 am did my usual check before heading out onto porch, big black bear between the car and the river, by the time I got back into house to grab a camera it had headed west towards the river, waited a few more minutes before heading to the car. Will start carrying small point & shoot camera in my pocket.


  1. That was a very nice discovery when you were looking for your green fibre! It can take awhile to get your blood levels stabilized. My understanding is it is usually okay to have the greens and other things high in vitamin K, but only if you have them consistently. I wonder if the fact you are only able to have them occasionally when you are able to get out to buy them is adding to the problem. It might be something to bring up with the doctor or nurse practitioner. When I was reading the last sentence in your post I thought you were going to say you were going to start carrying a small gun. :-)

  2. Wheeoo, bears are no joke. Maybe with better weather here the salad will be more consistent. I always like it when you get back with a big box with lettuces and tomatoes.


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