Part 2

Still in hospital (day 14 or 15)waiting for a bed to open before a transfer to Williams Lake. Much closer to home and I know so many more people there.

Got the last of three IV's out today, hope they don't stick another one in. May soon be able to knit.


  1. Trust me, if they at all thought you might need more IV therapy, they wouldn't have DC'd your previous one without immediately establishing a new one. Most nurses would do ANYTHING to maintain an IV until its maximum "use by" date.

  2. Good to hear you are on the road to recovery! Hopefully you will be transferred soon.

  3. Hope you are transferred very soon but more importantly able to knit. Get better quickly.

  4. That's good news, Lynne! Hopefully a bed becomes available in the next day or two. It must be nice to have those IVs out.

  5. Wow - IVs out!! They keep those suckers in till the cows come home!! Means you're definitely on the mend!!


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