Nearly 8 am and still dark enuff that I can't tell if its still snowing, the snow has been coming in waves, never lasts long enuff to put down the feet we need. Last year was a disaster snow wise didn't get enuff to count. Nope can now tell that it is not snowing, but more predicted for tomorrow.

Working on 3 sock project now, a bit every day on each one. The red (AF heel) Monstersocks, a purple pair for Tammy and a toddler pair out of fine handspun (these won't take long) then back to the others. Last year had a deal with a neighbor that when she went to the dump (icy) she would stop and pick up mine maybe every 3 weeks or so, meanwhile I made socks for her then 6 month old granddaughter, got to experiment with new to me patterns and colors and baby had warm feet.

Denise in town picked up some produce for me and got it to Lorelee (also in town), she is headed out here to babysit somebodies place and will deliver produce at Knitting Bee on Wednesday, round about but hey what ever works. Lettuce, tomatoes, yams, cucumbers, plus milk, chicken breasts for soup, and 10 lb carrots from Denise's neighbor (carrot-ginger soup).

Have been destashing some of the older Opal that I have around, knowing that I would never be knitting it, passed it on down the road. Right now am happy with my stash of Cascade Heritage, Hazel Knits, Kid Dazzle. Lorna's Laces and Hawthorne from Knit Picks, almost all in solid or semi solid colors. I then use smaller balls (leftovers) for the patterns in my socks. With CA $ in the toilet and sinking fast am not buying much at all from the states, right now exchange is almost 30%. Only thing I bought was Cascade Heritage wool-silk mix from Jimmy Beans in Christmas red (making sure I had enuff to finish the red Monster socks). When and if CA $ ever goes back up will then replenish my stock of Hazel Knits. Have enuff Koigu to make the gloves on order, bought when CA $ was at par and then traded for still more. Still waiting on the purple from Little Knits, was mailed from Bellingham, WA last Monday or Tuesday via a slow cruise ship, maybe if I am lucky it will be in Wednesdays mail. Only get mail twice a week in this remote mountain valley, PO is about 3-4 miles south.


  1. I had never heard of Hazel Knits. I see she is from WA state as I am. I had to order her Seahawks sock knit and an extra skein of orange. My son-in-law is a Broncos fan and my grandson a Seahawks fan. Should get a good start on socks for them both with those yarns. Also had to buy some sock yarn for myself, just a skein. I have been trying to knit some ankle socks for myself as they have give when my ankle swells and don't cut off the circulation, plus keep my feet warm.


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