Didn't go anywhere just not much happening worth writing about.

Got to Tatla Lake for Christmas sale on the 28th, not usually a place that my stuff sells but this year surprised me, sold more there than I ever had. Lots of baby & toddler socks, 3 adult pair and several other small things. So maybe I'll do it again next year.

While waiting for the purple yarn to arrive have gone back to a red pair of Monstersocks started last May, then put in time out while I worked on other projects. Have been unhappy with the heel flap and then decreases needed, messed up patterns and wasn't happy with that. So went back to the afterthought heel, it lets me carry on with my patterns without worrying about the decreases necessary to get right number of stitches. Current sock is Christmas red from Heritage wool & silk with purples, oranges and dark blues. Nearly to the toe decreases on sock #1.

Had another pair on Monstersocks started about the time the afterthought heel bell went off, they are finished except for the AT heel, will I think wait until the 2nd red sock is done then spend part of a day doing heels.

Denise just called and will pick up the new Christmas mugs from Timmies for me, from pix I have seen the nicest mug in the series.


  1. Hi Lynne. I read about your Christmas sale. Congrats on doing so well! Do you actually have any monster socks for sale now? Next time you blog, love to see what your landscape looks like now. In some ways I sorta miss the snow of Ontario! Lynda Eaton


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