The Last Hurrah and lots of pix

Home yesterday from my annual Cache Creek trip to Desert Mesa, the last fiber event until next spring. It was held this year over Halloween and we were supposed to wear hats instead of costumes, some were wild & crazy and the few that did wear a costume outdid themselves.

Karen B and her very large spider hat and Heather and her wild hat. Lots of other hats but didn't get a pix of them all.

Then two of the costumes, Vonny was the old cowboy and Doris S the bearded wonder.

From the pix everyone can tell we had a really good time, I wonder how some can laff so much and not injure themselves.

Then the pix of the handspun shawl everyone is knitting on from leftover bits of yarn, I have it here to work on over the winter. And a pix of Gudie holding a large skein of her upcycled yarn, knit with some of the odds & sods I give her.

I bought two bundles of Merino-Silk because the fiber I brought with me to spin was so lousy I ended up giving it away, felt like Brillo pads when a bit was done and never have I had fiber with so much stuff in it. Can bet that I won't ever get any more from that source. Then a small bundle of six different colors mini skeins, Merino-Nylon, both fibers from Smith and Ewe in Kamloops.

And finally the first sock for Lynne Anderson, 2nd is underway and will be fraternal.

Now home to hunker down for the winter, got the last little bit from grocery store before leaving the Willie, enuff meds for 3 months, will of course run out of produce, the price I pay for the mountain view.


  1. Looks like you all had a fab time as usual! Blame the silliness on wool fumes. Heh. Love the socks for Lynne. (Hmmm...Lynne for Lynne.) Speaking of whom, I'm currently spinning some of her dyed Falklands roving. So soft and a pretty mahogany red-brown.

    Stay safe and warm this winter!

  2. I'm enjoying browsing around your blog. I'm a beginning knitter, but the thing I look forward to most is learning to knit socks! It seems like such a mysterious process, lol. Have a cozy winter in your mountains, knitting socks. :)

  3. Even thou you are "secluded " in the winter in the mountains-it looks like you have plenty to keep you busy-with your spinning & knitting! Love to read your posts. Your spinning friends look like a lot of fun too! Take care.


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