Got out the soon to be socks yarn for Tammy in SC, will email pix to her as soon as she replies to message, will be my next start. Then waiting in the queue is a pair of Koigu gloves for same person. Glad now that I bought Koigu when CA dollar was a bit above par with the US $. Worth (almost) its weight in gold.

-14°C (8°F) this morning at just before 7am, with colder temps on the way, am glad for rice bag that Kristie made for me, 2 minutes in micro wave on high and my feet are toasty warm until I fall asleep. Will be using it lots this winter. Even turned down comforter over (down shifts after a while) so had a really good nights sleep even if bedroom was to cold to get dressed in this morning.

Pix of Kristie's granddaughter wearing booties I sent.

And last a pix of Jean MIles in Edinburgh wearing the Koigu gloves I sent (when she needed a lift me up gift), just because.

Have my ice cleats on my low boots for prolly the rest of the winter, better to be safe than sorry. Long gone are the days when I could pop out to car in my Birkies.


  1. Those colors on the left are very fun!!!

  2. I love my rice bags my daughter made. I heat two, one for my feet and the other for my knees or pull it up to snuggle with. If I put it in the middle of the bed where my body goes before pushing it over, I can go to sleep warm and toasty within minutes. I purchased barley-stuffed animals for my grandsons a couple years ago and they are warmed one minute in the microwave and then they snuggle down with them. They won't go to bed without them. :)

  3. Well, I will consider it hopeful that winter has arrived for you and I will pray for a similar blessing down my way. Here's to ready-steady gas deliveries and consistent electricity up your way too. I love crispy cold. Your socks and gloves amaze me - so deft with all those colors. Thanks for the pix of the wonderful booties.

  4. I'm happy to hear the rice bag is keeping you warm, Lynne. :-)


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