Just finished the first sock of second pair going to JR on Vanc Island, waiting to hear from her about fraternal or identical. Have just starting ribbing so will be busy with that for awhile. The main color is teal and pix just doesn't show it true. Most of the rest of the colors are leftovers from other projects.

Have 8 odd skeins of mostly heavy weight DK handspun, enuff I think for a sleeve to sleeve sweater, now if I can just come up with something I like pattern wise.

Am still waiting for the Williams Lake glass place to get out here for measurements to replace the window that the bird hit. Very unhappy with this place and will not recommend them to anyone. Its been a month with one trip in to the shop and at least 4 phone calls. The one big piece still attached but moves quite a bit in the wind, am afraid that if it breaks it might do damage to existing inside piece.

Will be getting my snow tires installed this Tuesday while in town then on Wednesday car will go into the shop for 'winter is coming' check, nothing wrong that I know of but will be more comfortable knowing that everything has been checked over.


  1. That's so frustrating about your window. I hope you're able to get it sorted out this week. Would your handspan yarn work for a Relax sweater? I know Jean enjoyed knitting hers, and I saw her wear it when we were in Shetland together. It's a great sweater!

  2. Relax sweater is it on ravelry? Enjoy looking up new patterns. Hope your window gets fixed,its getting cooler here.

  3. gosh, hope that window is fixed soon - heavy weather is a comin'. I just love your socks, the intricacy always knocks me out.

  4. I've just come from Jean's BlogSpot, and wanted to say what a joy it was to see the gloves you sent her. As soon as I saw them I thought of you, and was delighted to find that in fact that gesture of loving-kindness was from you. Such cheerful colours, and such thoughtfulness must lift Jean's heart now, as she goes through a testing time. Thank you from all her friends for thinking of her in this heart-warming (and hand-warming!) way.


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