Fiber Fusion road trip

On my way south had coffee with Kristie and Lynda from Cultus Lake area, we met at Tim Horton's in Chilliwack for show & tell. Was a good visit and of course not near long enuff. And we won't get to do it again until next spring, I'll be heading south for my annual Whidbey Island spin in run.

Trip down to Monroe, WA for FF, it was Saturday and Sunday 17-18 October. This was my first time at FF and I was really impressed with both the size and how smooth events ran. Was way bigger than I thought, lots of new to me vendors, demo's and a food truck right outside the door with fried brussel sprouts with a lime dressing, wonderbar. Ran into an old friend Val from Seattle area there, she flew by on Saturday and came back with her wheel on Sunday. Pix of Gail, Val and me.

Had my knitting with me and took enuff yarn that I easily could make 5 or 6 pair of socks, never ever want to be anywhere with not enuff. Did finish the second sock of 2nd pair for JR on Vancouver Island.

Mailed a pair of gloves to Jean Miles in Edinburgh on 14th October and she had them with yesterdays mail. Just a brighten her day gift. Looking forward to a pix of her wearing them.

Next trip (and the final hurrah for this year) will be down to Cache Creek for Desert Mesa, almost a local event. Just 5.5 hours instead of the usual 10+. Will on the way home stop in at grocery store in Williams Lake for winter is coming order, Kleenex, TP, laundry soap, and then as much fruit and produce that I can eat before it goes bad. As well some canned veggies, bread for the freezer, pasta's for soups, etc.


  1. I saw the gloves on Jean's blog this morning. Beautiful work!

  2. It was fun seeing you on your way through Chilliwack, Lynne. I was happy to see Jean post that the gloves had arrived. Glad you had a good time at FF, and I'm a fan of Brussels sprouts, so am going to see if I can find that food truck recipe online.

  3. It was so great seeing you twice in one year after so long, I really enjoyed sitting and spinning with you and Gail and can't wait to see you again at Whidbey next year. Glad you to hear that you had a good time on the trip and were none the worse for wear .

  4. Hello Lyn - thought of you and Kristie in BC as I chugged along on VIA RAIL Vancouver to Winnipeg and return. Wonderful trip. Knitting all the way. Maybe see you on Whidbey next year. Janet


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