Finally finished socks going to Vancouver Island, using both hands means patterned socks will be slower than usual (Arthur ritis) is rearing its ugly head, left hand so far is the only problem I'm having.

First thing this morning spent nearly an hour trying to get a skein of yarn to co operate so I could use the ball winder, no way so wound the beast by hand, its one of the colours going into next pair of socks for JR (if she likes what was on the pix I sent this morning), then while fooling around with colours got out what will be for LA in Surrey.

Pix on top is for JR and next will for LA.


  1. Great colors, as always. Have you heard anythng more about the replacement for the broken window? Cold weather will be arriving shortly.

  2. Gorgeous bright colors for the next socks. Arnica for the arthiritis? Tiger balm? i try different things. Sometimes my hands sting weird from arthir...nasty stuff. hope it dies down soon.


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