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Still waiting for the glass place in Williams Lake to contact me about window, was in once and have phoned now twice with both calls telling me they would get back to me, nada. Poor customer service for sure and if I could go anywhere else would do so in a heartbeat.

With football on the telly over the weekend I finished the first very colorful sock for JR on Vanc Island, and immediately cast on for #2, will use the same main color then switch patterns and colors all around, she wanted flamboyant and fraternal, my idea of fun. More football tonight (am addicted) should finish ribbing and get well along on first patterns, once color starts things seem to move right quick.

Rain the last couple of days (most welcomed) and cold enuff that mountains are dressed now with lots of new snow, can't get a pix this morning as they are all socked in, but pix I took last Wednesday from Parks Hill shows the first dusting they got, lots more now. Environment Canada's weather page for Tatlako show temps in -2 to -3 range (C), usually a bit colder up at my place. Last night had one of the big ugly flying millers in the house, couldn't see where it landed so couldn't dispatch the critter, nothing I hate more than one of them in the house at night.

Hoping I can make it to Knitting Bee this Wednesday, have yarn to bring for Deb to look at, and several other things to do as well, time now to keep gas tank on car full, just never know and since Tatla is only place to buy it might as well fill up while there.

Second batch of soup today, first was chicken w/ rice today's will be a burger vegetable, have local potatoes, carrots, and a smallish turnip, celery, cabbage and the burger is from Meat Market in Wms. Lake, extra lean grass fed, no longer will be buying any meat from big chain grocery stores esp Wally World where most of their pork is coming back here after being handled and packed in China.

Two new followers, welcome.


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    1. Some call them moths, big ugly nite flying things from hell.

  2. That sock is absolutely stunning! Moths, you mean? We found a HUGE beetle in the grass yesterday and I agree, they need to hibernate now.

  3. Really like your "monster sock"!!! I can only imagine what the other will look like...... Soups sound good too! Hope you still have tomatoes! We have bees here - yellow jackets - very annoying..... Is my meat coming from China??? Yikes! I don't like that AT ALL! I will check that out! Stay warm Lynne....

  4. Always admire the colors you choose for your socks! Our biggest problem here is stink bugs that come into our homes to stay for the winter. A constant battle with them-we call them "spawns" from hell . Most eveything else hibernates for the winter. My favorite season is autumn too for the same reasons you posted and more. Happy knitting & spinning!

  5. The sock is like a jewel and all the detail is very pretty. I had to look up 'big ugly miller'. MOTH!!! I get edgy if the front door doesn't close quickly at night as the moths flap around the lamp and I know they smell the stash. If I can't get them out of the house, they don't live...

  6. It's nice to have "discovered" your blog again. I enjoy being able to keep up with what's going on with you. Blogs are so much better at that than Facebook is.

  7. We are enjoying Saturday football again, with the new coach in Ann Arbor. Go Blue!

    And I am enjoying your blog!


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