41°F (5°C) and still raining, hallelujah. Hope it rains steady for the next couple of days. Right now I even have puddles on my driveway. We so badly needed the moisture, fire hazard is dropping by the hour. A good day to stay indoors and attend to my kitchen, will be making chicken soup of some sort, just got carrots yesterday from Selma, can't have soup without carrots, just pulled from her garden 10 or so minutes before I got there.

Found another started sock, just the ribbing and one pattern done, will keep it set aside while I work on the socks for JR on Vanc Island and the other pair of Monstersocks (1st sock nearly to the toe decreases). So many ideas percolating this time of year, days just aren't long enuff.

Cleaned the filter on the back of my wool room electric heater, fired it up this morning, first time its been on since last spring. When I bought it the company had advertised it would run for 10¢ an hour, its been a godsend, propane when I need it costs over 10$ a day, close to $300 a month.

And tonight am hoping I will be able to find the Michigan-Utah football game on the telly.


  1. GO BLUE!
    I have come here from Jean's Knitting and have found a Michigan fan! Hooray!
    Then the thought occurs that perhaps, given where you live, maybe you are a Utah fan. Hmm.
    Let's hope it's a good game!

    1. Very definitely a MI fan, went there 59-62.

      GO BLUE

    2. Glad you are a Michigan fan...sorry we lost the game, but it's early in the season. Big hopes for the new coach.
      I graduated in 1964...A & D. I now live in New York and practice architecture with my husband who also went to Michigan.

  2. I don't think I have ever been so happy to see rain! The fire danger where you live would have been much worse than here. Planning some knitting, soup simmering in the kitchen, and turning on the heat...fall is the best season of the year.


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