Had to go into town on Friday for prescription refills (can only get 3 months at a time), makes for several unwanted trips a year. But not this time as it just happened that Friday is William's Lakes Farmers Market day, headed there first thing and only had eyes for tomatoes, bought 20 lbs, vendor apologized at how expensive they were, after I had handed her the money told her that I would have bought them at twice the price. Have had a tomato with every meal since getting home 5 ish on Friday, breakfast, lunch and supper. Also bought 3 cartons cottage cheese, tomato and cc is one of my favorite meals.

Finished the first bobbin of Ecru wool-silk mix (really nice stuff) and have first few oz on second bobbin of same stuff. Currently knitting socks using the light gray w-s mix from same vendor (Island Farms), wish everyone could feel how nice it is. This is the 3rd go round for the socks, and am keeping the whole lot separate and just for these socks, no chance of mixing the fibers up this way.

37° F this morning, 3.4° C, will likely be the coldest spot in BC again, friend Fay calls me when Tatlako is coldest spot, she can get radio from Kamloops that announces same every morning. But even with it this cool I love it, much better than the high temps back in June & July. Can even see some of the willows changing color, and the nondescript dogbane is now bright yellow.

Took the tomato pix with my iPhone 6, first time using the camera, slick. Then can iCloud it to iPhoto on laptop, jest gotta love modern technology.


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