It's been awhile

Need to keep better track of my blog, hadn't realized its been over a week since I posted anything, will try to do better.

The 3rd go round of current socks is finally going well, within 15 rows of the start of the toe decreases, then will wash and dry on blockers before mailing them away.

Next up finished spinning the second bobbin of the brown horribilius, pulled so much kemp and wiry guard hairs out that I was towards the end wondering if it was worth all the trouble. Whatever of that batch of fiber is left will be finding a new home. Have a single bobbin of a wool-silk mix already done in a color that is not my norm to spin PINK, so decided this morning to go ahead and find something that would go with it. A vintage BFL from WoolGatherings, prolly bought at Black Sheep Gathering a few years ago, $15.60 for 8 oz will give you some idea on how old it is. Going to add all the pix at the end of this mess.

The weaver friend is coming today to pick up the rest of the handspun that needs a new home, a Pay it Forward gift. Nothing wrong with the yarn just stuff I no longer want to knit with. One batch is way under plied, another is kinky from being plied to fast, but I understand from another weaver friend that both yarns can be successfully used on the loom.

A friend from Calif just can't understand how I can live in this wild mountain valley by myself so I sent her the Peace within yourself button, she didn't get it. Guess because I don't have a grocery store next door or a WalMart around the corner I can't possibly be content, little does she know.


  1. I have learned to be content over my lifetime and am enjoying myself very much.

  2. Your friend from California might not understand, but your friend from southern BC totally gets it. And is more than a little bit jealous of your wild mountain valley life. :-)

  3. One of the reasons I love to read your blog is to hear about your way of life. I envy your independence. And your soups sound awful good!


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