Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Vintage Merino

Finished the last of the RainCity fiber, first 4 oz I did was Polwarth-Silk mix 60-40, then the next (both dyed in same colorway) was Merino-Silk. Both bobbins now in the plying queue. Bobbin on the right is the Polwarth mix left is the Merino mix. Yummy stuff now wishing I had bought more. Will watch for a vendor carrying RainCity fibers while at OFFF.

Found a smallish bag of Merino top, so old that 4 oz was only $8.00, its my next spinning project. Hopefully will be the last of the TdeF stuff.

Heading out today for the Knitting Bee in Tatla, haven't been for the last 4 weeks so thought about time I showed. Will also hit the library and get gas, so a combination trip.

Pix of the handspun fiber I'm getting rid of, waiting for GM to come by for first choice then a weaver friend will likely get the rest. Vintage stuff and I want to move it down the road, some needs a good hot bath, rest just isn't what I want to knit with anymore, not to worry still have a couple of shelves full of stuff that I'm keeping.

Yesterday Tatlako was the coldest spot in BC, that is twice now in less than a week, according to Environment Canada's page we were at 1.6 °C, just a titch above frost. And on the 16th we did have frost, even checked windshield on the car sure enuff.

And the last pix is for all my cat loving friends.

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  1. So hard to imagine that there is frost somewhere. It is so hot and muggy where I live. Love the fiber room and cute pix of kitty.