Still hot and going to be even hotter by Wednesday, 35°C or 95°F, most unusual for my wild mountain valley, by late afternoon it is to hot to be spending anytime in the wool room. So get up early 5 am and get what I want done before 11 ish. Finished the first bobbin of fine merino yesterday, had a little bit left so this morning that is what I've been spinning. Once its done will start in on the second bundle of 8 oz from Crown Mtn, also merino and I will be plying it with the first from yesterday.

Also got the variegated denim blues into skeins, ended up with 4 skeins and a total of 884 yards, what I would call a fine dk weight. Once its washed will be even nicer. Next will be to ply 'Sherwood', merino 80% and tussah silk 20%.

Must be pine pollen is in the air or something that is making my nose run like a faucet. Keeping a handful of Kleenex in my pocket.


  1. It's stinking hot down here too and now we are getting smoked out with all the forest fires. I hope it's not smoky in your valley, there are so many fires in our province. I'm not a spinner but I'm admiring all your hand spun! Keep cool!


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