Pay it Forward Yarn

Gail M came on Wednesday and picked up the free handspun I was destashing, think from the pix she was happy and so was I for moving it down the road. Nothing wrong with the yarn just stuff I no longer want to knit with.

And there is still a bunch more that will be going to a local weaver, am sure before she gets here that I will find even more.

Finished the 4 oz bag of vintage Merino, have another bobbin of (I don't remember what it is) white likely they will be plied together someday. Think this is the end of the Tour de Fleece spinning for me, didn't try and keep track of yardage but know that total weight was close to 48 oz. Altho just found a small braid of pink wool & silk just 3.75 oz may be able to squeeze it in before tour ride ends.


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