Sweet Violets

Finished 5 of the large batts from the Romney I bought from Harriet at conference, still one left but it wouldn't fit on the two bobbins I figured on. Now will hit the spinning wheel hard, as much time as my right leg will allow, spinning Merino (so nice after the coarser Romney), have 150 grams that I will get finished and plied before the Tour de Fleece gets underway. Its the second bag of Sweet Violets from Smith & Ewe from Kamloops, BC.

Sun just came over east mountain into wool room, feels so good. Frost again this morning -1°C or 30°F, almost cool enuff to turn heat on. Heck & Darn its nearly the end of June. Today is the start of the annual Gymkhana in Tatla, everyone with a horse will be up at the grounds, especially enjoyable for the kids with lots of event for them to ride in. I wouldn't be caught up there for anything, skeeters and prolly other flying critters will be thick, staying home with my wool and wheel.

Have J.J. Cale on iTunes, 81 songs some with Eric Clapton, should help with spinning speed. Have long been a fan of J.J. long before he was idolized by EC.


  1. Is that the Sweet Violets in the picture, Lynne? Wonderful colours! I'll have to check out Smith & Ewe. Did you buy it online?

  2. Wow! Still so cold at night! It hasn't gone much below 12C down here and today promises to be hot. Sweet violets is very pretty. I'd love to see it spun up. Aren't you supposed to spin *during* the Tour or are you just in training for it?


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