Reoccuring theme

The socks I just mailed down to Vancouver Island and current sock seem to follow the reoccurring blue theme, just can't help it. Between the many blues I have on hand and followed closely by greens, can easily see where my comfort zone lies. Then got looking at the DK-Sport weight yarns in my handspun stash, guess what the 'GREENS' win there as well. So took a pix of the greens and then one of the blues. And just plied two more bobbins of a really dark green. I'm lost. Maybe the stuff I'll be spinning for the Tour de Fleece will fall out of the 'comfort zone', no wait its a blue theme as well. Guess after its done will go to a bright red or maybe even black just for something different.

The green handspun. Greens just seems to jump into my shopping bag while at places that sell roving, some I even dyed myself, using CIBA acid dyes.

Then the blues.

Left two windows open in the wool room overnight, temp this morning was in upper 30's F meaning it was cold in wool room, so much so that I had on long sleeved flannel shirt with wool sweater over top, fingerless gloves and of course wool socks.


  1. I find purple pink and blue yarns always magically hop in my cart too!! Now how does that happen?!? The socks you knit are beautiful as usual!

  2. I can see why you love those shades. They are most definitely for lovers of the sea!

  3. I'm laughing because blue and green make up the majority of my stash too, with a bit of purple thrown in for good measure. It's hard to believe you needed a wool sweater and fingerless mitts!


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