North west Regional Spinners Assoc. conference

Was held at University of Puget Sound, while its a beautiful campus parking was not close to anything, construction everywhere. What had been parking close to dorms now is a grassy area with flowers and more construction. Our spinning area was in way to big tennis pavilion, again parking was almost non existent. At first Gail was able to drive my car into vendors unloading area, slick, made for lots less walking and packing for me but then the powers that be decided that we couldn't do that anymore, altho was open for vendors to load and unload. Pix is inside tennis pav.

Next years conf. is in Lewiston, Idaho, nearly a 3 day drive for me so will skip it, then rumors are back to Willamette in Salem OR won't attempt that one either, so kind of looking like this one I just did will be the last hurrah.

I took the 'blending board' class and soon found that it wasn't working for me, while I thought it would be good for using up leftover odds and sods, resulting rolags weren't what I had in mind when I bought the board. So decided to sell it, walked back into spinning hall and immediately Val came and asked if I was indeed selling it, named a price (almost $50 less than new) and she bought it. Relief.

NwRSA did finally provide me with a wheel chair to use but distances and hilly terrain made it difficult for anyone to push me around. Sunday morning when it was time to get suitcases and stuff to the car I loaded them both on chair and pushed it myself up the hill to where the car was parked, can attest to the hilly terrain. Hip was screaming obscenities at me for the rest of the day, so much so that when it can time to leave Gail drove almost the whole way back to BC

I bought fiber for spinning, the variegated blues are Targee, very soft. The green mix is a merino-silk mix and the other is Polwarth-silk mix, both dyed in the same color ways.

The NwRSA was selling books and videos from the library, things prolly not used or borrowed much any more. Got 3 EZ vids for 25¢ each.

Came down my driveway Tuesday 2:30 ish, then Lucas (car unloader) came directly from school bus, had everything in the house in about 10 minutes, had two flats of bottled water and several heavy bags of groceries from Freddies in the states, pickles that I love and can't find here, cheese for Lorelee and several other things.


  1. Sorry you had such a hard time getting around. Too bad they didn't consider the mobility-challenged participants! Sounds like a bad choice of venue anyway. A tennis pavilion is just too open and echo-y. At least you came away with some good shopping!

  2. I am sorry the conference wasn't more accessible. I think sometimes organizers don't think about details like this that would make it so much more pleasant for everyone to be able to enjoy themselves. I hope you aren't too sore.


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