More spinning

Merino-Silk mix from Dicentra Designs, bought it last fall at OFFF, immediately (or almost) spun first 4 oz, then fickle fingers tried something else, now with TdF getting close I didn't want a big amount, so grabbed 2nd 4oz bundle. Color is called Sherwood and will be a very masculine color once plied, should be fingering weight if my fingers remember. Pix of just the fiber shows the colors, a deep dark purple-maroon with small amounts of green (but of course).

Started spinning this morning just after 6 am while still cool enuff in wool room to need a flannel shirt on. Now just after 1 pm temp is 25°C or 78°F, perfect, altho forecast later is for 32°C or 90°F. Will be glad for the leftover macaroni salad for supper.

Just to show that I don't only spin green a pix of the 2 ply fingering weight Sand color from Smith & Ewe, ended up with over 1000 yards. Then a pix of the blue that I will start plying tomorrow morning. Someday down the pike the Sand just might turn into a shawl, someday.


  1. Love that Sherwood - it's beautiful

  2. Love seeing all the beautiful handspun yarns you create!

  3. Thinking of you Lynne. Always read your blog. Lots of beautiful spinning - any socks on the go? Also love to hear about the wildlife up your way and, of course, tomatoes!!! Hope you are well. Lynda

    1. Lynda

      I sent an email early this morning and am now wondering if it went thru, no addy showed up so maybe not.
      sockladyatlincsatdotcom If you send me yours will answer straight away.


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