Mixed Greens

Bobbin #3 of the mixed greens is over half full, should finish it yet today. Got in nearly an hour spinning this morning and will do more later, hopefully before it gets to hot. Bobbin on the left was the progress for Friday, right side this morning. Am running out of some of the colors with the darker purple especially so will plug in another green with lighter shades of purp.

The first two bobbins.

Feeling much better since getting back to my wild mountain valley, eating different (conference food) was for the most part out of my normal routine. Now instead of eating on conf schedule I can pick and choose when meals are to be. Prefer eating my main meal of the day around 3-4 pm.


  1. Glad you got home safe & sound. I agree about being glad to be home and back to my own meals, although having someone else cook is pretty ok, I'm not used to the salt they use so my feet and ankles were swollen like crazy by the time conference was over.

  2. I am enjoying watching the progress of the spinning of the mixed greens, can't wait to see the finished yarns. I have always been dissatisfied with the final look, it doesn't match the picture in my head. I have never understood how a blending board is supposed to make blending easier, and they are so expensive.


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