Like my greens

With almost 2 weeks before the TdF starts needed something else to spin, so last night got out what I thought was the same green merino I had spun over the winter, wasn't exactly dark when I got this mix. But in daylight this morning I see its a completely different color than what I had wanted. The bobbin already done is a merino from Cindie K at Eweniquely Ewe in Grants Pass, OR., so now with quite a bit of the different green already spun, might as well soldier on and finish it, the wrong green is a BFL from Smith & Ewe in Kamloops, BC. First pix is the BFL that I currently have on wheel, 2nd pix is the merino that I really wanted, 3rd pix is the merino already spun. Oh Well just another green to plug into the stash.

Also on the go, are two bobbins of Sand merino that has been done for awhile, now time to get it plied, much as I dislike plying its a necessary evil to keep me supplied with empty bobbins.


  1. Will there be anything left to spin for TdF??? That is the question . . . . .

  2. Hah! I'm sure Lynne has something yummy in reserve. What I don't understand is not liking plying? It's like spinning with trainer wheels - easy-peasy! Maybe TOO easy? Personally, I love when I get to the plying part and just fly. Whoosh!


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