Finishing Sweet Violets

First pix is the full braid of the Sweet Violets a bit over 5 oz, 2nd pix is whats left after two days of spinning, 3rd is whats been spun on my S 90 Woolee Winder bobbin. Not the best pix of whats already been spun. With nothing going wrong with plans I will finish whats left yet today.

This pix is another green to add to my stash, singles of pencil roving and an unknown green plied tog, 480 yards. Very happy with the colors, was surprised at how well they went tog.

With temps forecast for low 30's (upper 80's F), not at all fond of the higher temps about the only good thing I can think of is that it should help tomatoes grow in Spences Bridge, my main source of tomatoes later this summer.

2pm on 22nd
Finished the braid of Sweet Violets. With almost 2 weeks before the TdF starts on July 4th will find something else from the stash to spin.


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