Final result

The first two bobbins of the mixed greens plied and skeined, ended up with 784 yards of two ply, about DK or sport weight yarn. Have about another 30+ minutes to finish bobbin #4, then in a day or so will ply it as well. Next will be to decide what to do with it. A sleeve to sleeve sweater is in the queue and this yarn just might work.

Now I must find and get yarn on my Woolee Winder bobbins plied, want to have at least 4 empty for the TdF starting on July 5th, will be spinning two bundles of Crown Mountain Farms merino from my stash, knew I saved this for a reason, perfect fiber for TdF.

And should I get it finished before the Tour is over will have another bunch of Orange Creamsicle from Smith & Ewe, also merino. Have first bundle done, 2nd is 5.3 oz. Am sure I could fine more if I should get all the above done.

Will if I am able to go down to OFFF buy 3 or 4 more Woolee Winder bobbins for my Louet S90. Have plenty of the regular bobbins but verra low on the WW bobbins.


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