Another green

Finished the latest green BFL this morning in a marathon spinning session, started at 6:50 am and finished at 8:30, nice spinning in the morning while its still cool.

Temps are predicted to soar over this weekend, low 30's C, close to 90's F, hot in either. Will break out my antique tower fan when it gets hot later, only one speed and it doesn't rotate any more. Critter must be close to 20 years old. Someday while in town will see about getting a new one.

Had Lucas in yesterday morning pulling weeds, Toadflax is a nasty invasive weed (but with a beautiful yellow flower), there was so much it barely fit in the back of my car, took it straight up to the dump. Will keep my eyes open for anymore, get rid of it as soon as I can.


  1. If your toadflax with a yellow flower cross-pollinated with my toadflax with a purple flower, what would we get? Someone brought me one plant decades ago ahd the offspring pop up each year, no matter how many i pull up.

    Take care in this heat.

  2. I can just picture all the toads spinning the toadflax into yarn. Or better yet, gold! (Sorry. Couldn't help myself.)


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