Went into town Thursday morning, had a good bit of important stuff to do, paid income tax, renewed license plate tags for another year, paid bills at bank, then up to friends around 3 pm. D loaded summer tires in the car, then played around with iTunes, glad I had brought laptop in with me, did several CD's for playing in the car on the way home. Friday morning presented myself and tires at Kal tire for winter tire change over, then SaveOn for groceries, headed west about 11:30, interesting drive home. Because I had changed over to summer tires hit snow just about Anahim Reserve, then all the way past Alexis Creek, looks like from what was at the sides of the road that there easily could have been 4-5 inches. But by the time I got to Redstone for gas it was all gone just made it, gas light has been on for some time. Gas stations are few and far between out here. Deer were all over the place quit counting at 23, glad roads were bare & dry. Did see a Telus truck in the toolies, must have happened last night when roads were still slippery.

Bought 2 Sterilite see thru plastic containers at Wally World one for Koigu and the other for Hazel Knits and such. I have enuff Koigu, there said it and that means I won't be buying anymore. Period, fer sure. Most bought when Linda K was clearing out her storage locker for $8 a skein, have kept it in plastic bags but worried about friendly flyers so decided the hard plastic would be safer.

40° F and mountains to the south are all socked in, hoping it mean rain. Ground is so very dry we could use a 2 or 3 day soaker.


  1. There seems to be something about switching to summer tires that brings back the winter weather. I've had the same thing happen. I keep most of my yarn in plastic bins, and some of it is even in plastic bags in the bins - mostly the stuff I would be brokenhearted to have the moths feast on.

  2. Aha! Now I know who to blame for the colder weather and the hail we had yesterday. My poor plants are languishing in the greenhouse out of harm's way. But they need to get in the garden, stat!

    Glad you made it home safely!


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