Got in a bit over 45 minutes this morning at the spinning wheel, still working on the merino-nylon mix from Smith & Ewe in Kamloops. Have a small piece missing from the largest whorl on one of my Woolee Winder bobbins (all the rest are full) so am having to use the medium sized instead of the preferred largest size, will see when I go to OFFF this September if Nathan Lee can fix or maybe even replace. His service is way above what is considered normal.

Fay from Avola called me to let me know that Tatlako was the coldest spot in BC on 14th, radio station she gets (I don't) reports coldest spot every morning, quite often in the summer Tatlako wins. I remember because I had left my bedroom window almost wide open that night, woke up with comforter pulled over my head. Will get to see her and Elisabeth on May 2nd at Williams Lakes annual spinning do, one day event with lots of friends that come out of the wood work for the event.

Decided to put the red wool-silk mix socks in a short timeout instead will work on 2nd pair of conservative blue & green Monstersocks, sold the last pair I was working on and want to replace this pair for some of my retired socks from last winter.


  1. Oooo - love that orange mix!! Don't let Karen B. see that, she's a huge fan of anything orange!!! LOL The sun is out, the grass is growing by inches & we're all out in shorts for a change on the Wet Coast - by gawd, it's so dry & warm that my fingers don't even hurt!! Could this be Spring/Summer at last????? Have fun at the Spin In.

  2. Love the orange! Imagine knitting the finished yarn with a lime green yarn and a turquoise yarn. Stunning!

  3. Looks yummy,like the orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream combo. What kind of wheel do you have?


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