Came down my driveway just about 2 pm, stopped on the way by and picked up Lucas (car unloader), he had car completely unloaded in less than 10 minutes, would have probably taken me 2 days. I got perishables put away the rest can wait until tomorrow.

Trip to Whidbey wasn't one of my favorites, Judith Mackenzie's talk was video taped and put up on a screen but room wasn't dark enuff to see any color and that was what talk was about. I even left early for the first time ever.

Spinning wheel is staying in the car for upcoming Desert Mesa trip this Thursday thru Sunday, to heavy to bring in the house for 5 days. Will start laundry first thing tomorrow so stuff will be dry enuff to repack for departure this Wednesday. Will go in early enuff to get tires changed over, back to summers. And to get a much needed haircut. Plus will be dropping off inc tax stuff, that's always a thrill to see it gone.

Didn't buy any spinning fiber while at Whidbey, just 2 more of the little Folda cases for knitting bits like sewing needles, point protectors, stitch markers etc. And 2 pair of really sharp scissors that will fit in Folda case. A pair for me and one for Gail.

Biggest purchase was an iPhone, can't use it out here (no cell towers) but will be handy for my trips to town and while in states. Went with Rogers as service provider because there have an on demand $5 a day roaming fee while in states. So far have made one call, to Denise from Cache Creek telling her I was running late.

Glad to be home even if weather forecast for tonight is snow.


  1. Glad you made it home safe and sound. That's too bad about the Judith Mackenzie video. Hopefully they get some constructive feedback and the retreat is better next year. Next time you come down it will be easier to connect now that you've got your phone. I'm loving my Folda case!

  2. do you have a pic of the Folda case?


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