For me the most disliked part of spinning my own yarn is plying, the way I spin plying is most needed and the reason I put it off for so long. Right now I want Woolee Winder bobbins to take with me to town for Wms Lakes spinning do on May 2nd, so hit the electric wheel this morning and started plying. 30 minutes and it looks like bobbins are almost untouched, instead I am hoping maybe 1/4 of the way. Will stick with it until both bobbins are empty. Then will do a couple more bobbins every chance I get until most are empty again, I can fill them up way faster than emptying them.

Woke up this morning just before 6am with my friendly flickers (not) pounding on the metal roof of old woodshed. But it was raining and that is very much welcomed, can almost see the grass growing, also had my herd of deer in the yard the usual 5.

The two containers I bought at Wally World are both filled one with my stash of Koigu and the other with Cascade Heritage sock yarn, wish I had bought 4 all together, need another for yarn from Hazel Knits and one for Lorna's Laces. But I promise that I will not be buying anymore sock yarns, none, nada, zero, zip or whatever. Will check in at WW when in town and see if they have any more of the same size.

Had been hoping to make a quick road trip after Wms Lk's spin in, down first to Gail's (guess not she must be crazy busy) then on to Seattle and east towards Spokane, at this point in time not sure if I want to make the drive since I'll be headed down to Tacoma at the end of May for NwRSA conference. Guess the best way to decide will be flipping a quarter.

After a really long time I have two new followers, welcome. Thought I was going to be stuck on 89 forever.


  1. I would love to see a video of your electric wheel in action. Are you able to take a video on your iPhone and post it on your blog? Or Facebook? I can't imagine the thought of never buying another skein of sock yarn. That would be worse than swearing off chocolate for life. Maybe you should amend your vow to say you will only buy new sock yarn if something really different and interesting, something unlike anything in your stash, becomes available. :-)

  2. is your woolee winder standard or jumbo sized?

    1. It's on my Louet S 90 just the standard size.

  3. I always ply on my electric wheel these days too, funny spinning does not bother my hips that much but plying kills them!! That much sock yarn you better get sock knitting or are you like me...totally socked out...have to knit something else for a while.

  4. is this the hansen mini spinner?

  5. Nope it's a homemade compilation made 30 + years ago.

  6. Hi Lynne. My name is Lynda and I am new to blogging..... I am also new to BC and heard of you thru kristieinbc. I do like making socks, encouraged by Kristie, and delight in reading about your life in your "wild valley"! Your socks and gloves are amazing!!! Hoping to stay in touch with you.

  7. I actually enjoy plying. It's like a spinning dance! Much less attention needed than with singles. I don't have a huge number of bobbins either so usually ply off pretty quickly. No electric spinner here so it's all treadling all the time.

    Those flickers sure like to make a noise, don't they? Ours are done racketing on the metal tops of the telephone poles for this year.


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