Desert Mesa redux

Spring DM ran Thursday afternoon until after lunch on Sunday, then everyone loads up all their goodies and heads out. Smaller than normal crowd for spring but ever so enjoyable, can actually visit with people this way instead of just seeing the person sitting beside you. We spin and shop on the main floor with meals down a long flight of steps (just about did me in, hip after 12 steps or so complained and it had to be done 3 times a day).

While Lynne Anderson was setting up Karen B was in the room and got buried in Lynne's dyed fibre, love the pix. Then later in one of the days she was spinning stuff that matched her pants and shoes.

Gudie H had a visitor "Flat Stanley" visiting from Ajax, Ontario, dozen of pix were taken of Stanley in various places, my best two are below.

I bought a small amount of merino-nylon to spin after I finished 5 oz of a really dark coloured fibre, needed something easier on the eyes, orange cream-sickle is what I call it, Mary-ann Smith has a different name for it.

Even tho it was in the low teens (F) here this morning I believe spring is officially here, saw my first bear of this year on the Bailiff bypass on the way home yesterday, big black, crossing the road about 100 feet in front of me, no time tho for a pix, even if I had the camera right in my hands it wouldn't have worked, by the time I slowed down it was over the bank and headed for the bush.

Home now until I go back to Williams Lake for their annual one day spinning do on May 2. Will I am sure need more salad stuff by then anyway. This time bought 2 large bags of produce, had a large salad last night for supper along with 2 rotisserie chicken wings.


  1. I've hosted Flat Stanley before! It's fun! A bear? Wow!

  2. I'm glad you had a good time at your spinning get together, Lynne. That picture of the spinners buried in fibre is hilarious!

  3. Of course my comment should say spinner, not spinners. That's what I get for posting from my iPad. :-)


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