Sorting a pile of CD's this morning, found most to have been recorded (by me) in MP3 mode, each CD can hold a tremendous amount of music, all told I have just over 84 hours of assorted stuff. And they won't play in my CD changer in my Subaru. If (and that's a big if) i get a different car will make sure that CD's in the MP3 mode will play. I can't even remember why I did so many, some are dated back to 2008, so vintage stuff.

Took advantage of a recent sale at Knit Picks and got some almost neon colors to add zing to my socks and gloves, some for me and some for Christine at Knitting Bee.

Big south wind today, between the wind and 44° F the remaining snow is melting fast. Forecast is for temps in the 40's and even into the 50's for the rest of this week (I'll take it). Has been one of the warmest March, so far that I can remember, again between the wind, sunshine and warm temps the mud will even be drying up.

While in town last time with some spare time went up to Honda dealer and looked over the CRV model, like it a lot, but still want to look at Subaru Outbacks, unfortunately closest Subaru dealer is Kamloops a 6 hour drive while Honda dealer is right in Williams Lake. Decisions, decisions. Will likely come down to a flip of a quarter having done this in the past its worked well for me (its how I ended up in BC nearly 40 years ago). Just talked to a friend that has a CRV about service (good) etc. Lots of questions.


  1. Our new Outback has a place to plug in a thumb drive with tons of music on it. I don't have one but Sam has several. I'm happy with the Sirius at this point.

  2. Can't really help you with your choice (I don't drive!) but I know several people who are happy with their CRVs.

  3. I have a Subaru - very satisfied but the BIG factor is that the Subaru dealer is close by.

  4. I wanted to trade in my high mileage Mazda for a 2014 Outback but was persuaded to wait for the 2015 Outback. So glad that I waited. It has proven to be totally 'sure footed' during this snowy/icy Vermont winter.Not sure what you mean about CD/Mp3 incompatibility ? I use Pandora and it works a treat.

  5. Don't you just love Knit Picks? :)


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