Stash Adequate For Eternal Re-incarnation, (thanks Dotty) having reached this stage some time ago have finally bit the bullet and decided I won't be buying anymore sock yarns for some time (unless the new Regia comes out soon). Have some Koigu (already bought) to pick up in the states when I head down to Whidbey and will be picking up 8 or 9 bags of various books that a friend is getting rid of, knitting and such. Including the EZ videos (priceless).

After the last week or so barely getting to 32° F (0°C) last nights -13°C, 12° F was a shock, because it had been so warm I left my bedroom window open about halfway that meant it was very cold in my bedroom when I got up just after 6, took clothes to living room to get dressed.

Have been playing around with a seamless garter stitch baby bootie, something like the one that the Yarn Harlot did some time ago. But I didn't want to do a sock type with a turned heel. So experimented with the really old idea of doing a separate knitted sole then picking up stitches to form the main part of the bootie, decreases at the top of main part gives me the top part of the foot. I am not a pattern writer so please forgive the lousy way I got about doing this, and don't ask for the pattern because each one I do is slightly different. I have left the idiot cord ends unfinished so eventually can add a pom pom.

I don't recommend a tuna salad sandwich for breakfast (7 am), at the time it sounded good but will regret it the rest of the day, must remember this for future leftover tuna salad.

Just tried to book an app't at optometrist for trip to town on the 24th, they are fully booked, must be everyone in Wms Lk is getting their eyes checked, so will try again sometime in April.


  1. Thank you, Lynn for the pictures of the garter stitch booties and the info about how you achieved them. I'll look forward to having a go sometime in the future when I've finished the three or four part-finished things I must attend to, much as I'm tempted to play with the booties right now!

  2. I am sure I have a pattern here somewhere, for a vintage bootie knit in the round and in one piece. Many of the old ones were knit flat to a certain point first and then shaped to form the foot and sole. I decided quite a while ago that having a large stash was counterproductive to my possessions organizing and have been trying to use up what I have. I will still buy for a particular project, but no more "just because" purchases. Usually I don't have enough for what I want to knit of whatever yarn I have in my stash. I prefer to buy as I go now. :)

  3. Hi Lynne! I popped over from another knitting blog. Your socks look fantastic! How fun! I grew up in Washington State so of course I like Whidbey Island (you mentioned going there). I'm glad I found your blog!


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